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Bishop Salamat Khokhar was born, raised and received his calling into the ministry in Pakistan.  Since 2001, God has been bringing him to the United States for ministry and he has ministered in services in 35 different states. In these services people have been able to hear the message of the truth of the word of God, learn the reality of living conditions of Christian believers in Muslim countries, and they have also have witnessed the power of healing and miracles of the God of the Bible through His servant.  

We have posted the testimonies below of many people who have been healed, delivered and renewed in their faith.

Bishop Salamat Khokhar has a great message for believers in these end times and many have benefitted greatly from his ministry.
Glory be to God!

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Shalom and Blessings
Bob and Sherry Flannigan


My personal testimony as to Bishop Salamat Khokhar’s ministry

I first saw Bishop Salamat Khokhar on a God's Learning Channel broadcast that was taped 12/2/10. What he said really spoke to my heart and my spirit. The things he said was what we needed to hear.

I am very particular about who prays and lays hands on me, and I remember talking to the Father about Bishop Salamat Khokhar. One of my requests to my heavenly Father was that I wanted my first love for Him restored. I was doing all the right things but my heart had seemed to grow cold.
I told the Father that I would like Bishop Salamat to lay hands on me but I could not go to Texas. I remember saying that if the Father wanted Bishop Salamat to pray for me, then He would need to send Bishop Salamat to my area.

A couple of weeks later, I received an email from a friend saying that Bishop Salamat would be close to my area on January 15, 2011. I was surprised and knew that since the Father had sent him to my area then I had better go to the meetings.

At that time we had several inches of snow, and it looked as if driving would be an issue. I emailed Bishop Salamat and said I might be coming to the services. He emailed back and said he was praying and we would meet.

I left my house the day before to spend the night at a friend's house that was going with me. The next morning just a few miles out of town the highways were totally clear.

On the way to the services I kept humming a song by Marty Goetz, "Breathe on Me", which is a prayer saying the fire within me has almost gone out and asking the Father breathe on me and let the fire within burn bright and strong again. I could not seem to get the song out of my thoughts.

When we first arrived at the services I sensed a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit. When Bishop Salamat called people up for prayer, I got in line. I watched him minister and mostly he held his hand up and just breathed on people and they went down in the Spirit. I have never seen someone minster that way. I laughed to myself and said to the Father "You're going to breathe on me."  
I am not someone to be "slain in the Spirit" and only one other minister has had that effect on me and that was years ago. But when Bishop Salamat breathed on me, my knees gave way and I went down on the floor.

I was ministered to by the Holy Spirit and I have a renewed hunger and love in my heart for my heavenly Father. My first love for YHVH was restored and has grown even more.
This is a great miracle of the Holy Spirit. He touches and reignites hearts that have grown cold and changes even the most hardened hearts.

We went to several of Bishop Salamat's meetings and we saw many people healed and delivered... Many hearts were touched and lives renewed.

Some would say we are promoting a “man” but that is not true. We are recognizing the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit that is given to us through the brethren.

Shalom and Blessings

Personal Testimony of P.T.

Are you as skeptical as I was? Aren’t all these so called “healers” just out to prey off of the simple minded and desperate? Isn’t that what we’ve been conditioned to believe?
Well, maybe I was just that desperate because you see, my child was hurting. She was hurting, and we were losing hope because all the knowledge amassed by the medical specialists and pharmaceutical companies was providing little, if any relief to a life-altering diagnosis. Yes, we were on our knees and asking for prayer from very close friends and family. However, sadly, we did not see God’s hand at work in her healing, but were trying to take comfort in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. It reads:

’My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’”   "Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

On Thursday, Dec. 30th, I came upon a post on a Homeschool Yahoo Group with an invitation to services where Bishop Salamat would be ministering. I thought to myself that perhaps I should just step out in faith, that our God who spoke us into existence, will still use people for healing His children. After all Mark 5:34 tells us “And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”  So I made the choice to respond with a transparent and heartfelt note to the organizer of the event. I wanted this “healer” to pray for my daughter, and I asked what I needed to do to make that happen. The lady who had listed the initial invitation responded and followed up with a phone call that evening. She was instructed by Bishop Salamat to give me his cell number so I could call him right away. Bishop Salamat was aware of our situation and the pain my daughter was in.

The next morning I called and we talked briefly, and he spoke right away words I needed to hear: He has never claimed to be a healer, but the healing was only done in the name of  Y’shua and comes from Him alone. I won’t go through all the details, but when he was finished praying, he asked my daughter to stand up and move around in ways she would have been previously limited. She did, and there was no pain. He asked her how she felt, and she said in a quiet, peaceful voice, “Happy.” We spoke a little longer, and he said she would continue to get better and better every day. Honestly, I believe I was in a fair amount of shock at how wonderful she was, but we all thanked God for His goodness and mercy. We have continued to enjoy a beautiful and healthy child of God who does get better each day. I have had to be intentionally vague due to the nature of her illness, but to say the last 4+ months have been difficult is a gross understatement.

What would happen if you stepped out in faith? What can your faith, paired with the prayers of a righteous man, in the name of Y’shua, accomplish for you and your family? If this is not of God, I don’t want any part of it, but from my innermost being, I know it is. I worried the night before if I had enough faith. After all, didn’t I hear a pastor on the radio once say, “Perfect faith heals perfectly?” My lack of faith was not in knowing Y’shua CAN heal, but in wondering if He WOULD choose to heal. My beloved friends, He loves us, and all we really need is the faith the size of a mustard seed. Don’t let fear that Bishop Salamat may be a charlatan, or fear you might not have enough faith keep you from coming. The blessings we’ve experienced have changed our lives restoring not only our child, but our family and home. All praise, honor, and glory be given to our precious Savior Y’shua and I have to thank Bishop Salamat for his obedience, for without it, we would still be broken.

P. T.

Bishop Salamat Khokhar taught and ministered at the Shavuot Conference in Tupelo, Mississippi on June 10th - 12th. These are testimonies of the healings and miracles our God YHWH did during that conference. These testimonies have been compiled by the conference organizers.

*** Note: initials are used to protect privacy.

J. called the organizers of the conference before the conference began on Friday and said that part of his family could not attend because his youngest child was at the hospital being treated for an abscess.  He told the organizers that it was possible that his son would be admitted to the hospital.

The conference organizers prayed for the child and asked Bishop Salamat to pray for the child as well. About an hour after the first phone call, J. called and said the hospital was releasing his son.

O. declared that God healed her back during the conference.

T. had severe Asthma and was tent camping in the park where the conference was held.  She arrived the day before the conference was to begin, and she said that she almost left before the conference started because someone was burning something in the park, and it exacerbated her Asthma symptoms to the point that she could not breathe.

During the Shabbat service when Bishop Salamat rebuked any spirit that was "not like Yeshua", T. said she felt something leave her chest, go up her throat, and out of her body. She reported that she could breathe fine after that, and she did not have to use her rescue inhaler even one time the whole weekend.

Bishop Salamat was asked to pray for a hospitalized newborn baby girl that was having trouble keeping down her food. After he prayed, the conference organizers got the report that the infant was released from the hospital and was keeping down breast milk with no trouble.

M.K. and his wife, asked Bishop Salamat to pray for a car.
On the way to the conference, the couple's only car that they use to travel to various states for their job broke down. One of the brethren paid for a rental car for them so they could come to the conference, but they had no idea what they were going to do for transportation once the conference was over.

Before the conference was over, a friend gave the couple a great deal on a used car and told them to send payments for the car when they were able.
Less than a month after the conference, God supernaturally provided them with the money to pay for the car in full! 

S. received deliverance from a spirit of fear and other tormenting evil spirits when Bishop Salamat commanded them to leave and not return in Yeshua's mighty name. She also reported that she received an answer to a prayer that she had been praying for over 20 years. S. said that our Heavenly Father is continuing to work in her life and is her strength. She says she feels like a renewed person and now has a great peace from God.

The God of Israel is the living God, and He does mighty wonders in His creation.

D., who was 5 months pregnant with her first child, was attending the same Sukkot gathering as Bishop Salamat (see Leviticus chapter 23 for more on Sukkot). She has had gall bladder pain in the past, and she began having severe gall bladder pain during the festival. She was in severe pain for 40 hours, and her husband was about to take her to the emergency room when someone told her about how God uses Bishop Salamat in healings and miracles and that he was there at the camp. D. asked if Bishop Salamat would come and pray for her. When he arrived, D. was sitting in a chair doing breathing exercises for pain. Bishop Salamat told her that everything was going to be alright, and he began to pray for her. He commanded the pain to leave, and the pain left immediately! D. and her husband began crying tears of joy at her relief from pain.
She was instantly healed. Praise the Lord!! Hallelujah!!
Bishop also prayed that her baby be delivered safely and that she have no problems. A few months later the baby was safely delivered with no problems.
Praise God... D. has had no more gall bladder problems.

R. B. and his wife were traveling with a friend to the friend’s vacation home in Belize. It was the first time the couple had been out of the USA. They asked Bishop Salamat Khokhar to pray that all would go well and that the Lord would handle everything that pertained to their travels and that they be protected on all the different flights to and from the countries.
They all went and had a great time with their friend. The return flights to the USA were routed through Miami instead of Dallas. Their friend said that he had always come back through Dallas and was a little upset because it took so much longer to get back home.
When they arrived home, R. B. and his wife understood why they went through Miami. They saw on the news that there was a big hurricane that had hit Mexico and many travelers trying to come back to the USA through Dallas were stranded for days. The flight path that R. B. and their friend took home was the perfect route to avoid all the storms and problems. The Lord ordered their footsteps around the chaos. Praise the Lord!! He took care of everything.

B. F. and his son in law, were picking up their airplane in Florida and had to fly it back to their home city. B. F.’s wife asked Bishop Salamat Khokhar to pray for her husband’s and son in law’s protection. On the flight home, as they were landing, a strong cross wind caught the wing and flipped the plane off the runway. They crashed, nose down into the ground. They did not have a scratch on them when they got out of the plane.
Praise the Lord!!
This was a great miracle…no blood or broken bones...

D. Q. had worked at one company for over 20 years and he lost his job. He was unemployed for several months and asked Bishop Salamat to pray that he find a job that was also close to his home since he had been driving over 60 miles one way to another city for his previous job.
He found employment within 15 miles of his home and has since received a promotion…Praise the Lord!!

B. and S. L. had been trying to sell their home for several months to get free from the burden of 3 mortgages. They had a meeting in their home and asked Bishop Salamat to come and minister. While he was there, they asked that he pray that their home would sell. Within a few days, the realtor called and said they had a buyer and he wanted to close within 30 days and he was paying 60% cash down so financing was not a problem.

Also, many people who attended the home meeting had their needs met. One man, S. who was at the meeting was healed from a bad knee problem. He kept asking “what happened to my knee? It’s healed ... He touched my knee ... it’s healed ... my knee is healed!!” ... The Lord healed his knee. Praise the Lord!!

S. P. asked for prayer for her son, D. P..

He was in a coma and the doctors did not know what was wrong with him.
D. P. was transferred by helicopter to a major hospital in Tennessee.
The tests showed he had a bad infection, a collapsed lung and bleeding lesions in his brain and they found fungus on one of his heart valves.
The doctors told her it was minute by minute as to whether he would live.
D. P. is now awake and they have transferred him back to the smaller hospital. The fact he is still alive and now awake is a testimony to God's grace and mercy. Praise YHVH!!
D. P. continues to heal. The cardiologist told him the fungus in his heart valve has disappeared. Hallelujah!! Praise YHVH!!

D.A. went to the dentist with a toothache and the dentist would not pull it because he said the roots were rotten and the tooth was split.
If he tried to pull it, he thought the tooth would break so D. A. would have to go to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon the dentist recommended could not see Abel until a month later. Abel had been in extreme pain for several days so he began looking for another oral surgeon. The earliest any oral surgeon could see him was in 2 weeks.
D.A.'s mother talked with Bishop Salamat and told him of the situation and asked Bishop to pray.

When D. A. called his mom a few hours later, she told him that Bishop Salamat was praying for him. D. A. said "well his prayers get results because I just spoke to the oral surgeon's office and they have a cancellation and can see me this Monday".

D. A. told his mom that the Monday appointment was perfect because it was his day off from work. The Father even worked it out so it would be done on D. A.'s day off. D. A. said that the pain had eased a lot and that it had to be the result of the Lord answering Bishop’s prayers.

Bishop prayed with J. on the phone.
She was so weak she could not make it to the meeting. J. said she knew she was dying the day before but she knew she was in YHWH's Hand.
When we got to her home that evening she was very, very sick and laying on the couch. We also laid hands on her and prayed for her.
When I called her later, she had been working with her goats ( she owns a dairy goat farm ) and had trimmed some of their hooves and was getting some ready for when their babies were born. She has not been able to do any work like that for 2 months. All she could do was feed her goats and go back inside and lay down.
The doctors finally had found out that she had a blood parasite that was killing her. It was going to her brain. The doctors had given her 3 different kinds of medicine which she had taken one dose but we all agreed that the medicine had not been in her system long enough to give her as much energy as she was experiencing. It was the prayer that really helped her ... YHWH had helped her. PRAISE THE LORD!!
J. never wavered on who her healer is...

G. is a toddler whom doctors believed was suffering from a muscle disease. He had an MRI done on an injured muscle in his arm, and the doctor who ordered the MRI believed G. would have to have surgery to repair the muscle, so he referred him to a surgeon. Between the time the MRI was performed and the appointment with the surgeon, Bishop Salamat was contacted on the phone about praying for G. At G.'s appointment with the surgeon, the surgeon said the muscle was healing properly, and he saw no need for surgery. Praise God!

The God of Israel is the living God, and He does mighty wonders in His creation.

After twelve years of dealing with what the Bible calls "an issue of blood", God, who is faithful to His Word, has healed me! Going from doctor to doctor, I was offered medication that didn't work and caused side effects and received treatments that produced embarrassment and pain. These things only left me crying out to the One who made me. In January of 2011, Bishop Salamat prayed for my family and me. One of my family members was miraculously healed on the spot of a disease he had been dealing with for many years! Praise God! However, I saw no change in my own condition and wondered why? I do see now the difference between miracles and healings. For whatever reason, God chose to miraculously heal one person, and then over time, heal me. As we read Scripture, we definitely see examples of both. I know that He was doing much more than a physical healing these past 9 months. He was lining my thoughts and beliefs up with His Word. God's word is true...He has forgiven all of our iniquities and healed all of our diseases! (Psalm 103) If we doubt that He heals, then we have to doubt that he forgives. If we believe that He has given us righteousness (Jehovah- Tsidkenu), given us peace (Jehovah-Shalom), and will be our Shepherd (Jehovah-Ra-ah), then we must also believe that He is Jehovah-Rapha... I am the Lord that health thee! Our God is compassionate and merciful to those that call upon His name. Praise Him for His promises! He has healed me of my sickness.

M. J.

Bishop Salamat prayed for 2 year old B. She was having adjustment problems in daycare, and she was experiencing speech development problems. After Bishop Salamat prayed for her while he was still in Texas, she never cried again when being dropped off at daycare (and that was two months ago), and she began almost overnight adding words to her vocabulary. Her family gives God all of the glory for her improvement.

A. J. injured his foot during a game of football. He was having great difficulty walking on his foot. He called Bishop Salamat and asked him to pray for the healing of this injury. God healed the pain immediately,
and A. J. was able to walk normally on his foot!



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